Joints and knees pains are one of the chronic pains that affect the quality of living. It is a degenerative joint disease that affects 15 million Indians every year. It is seen in menopausal women and develops after the age 45. The symptoms of joint and knee pain are stiffness in the joints i.e., hips, knees, hands, lower back and neck joints. Urvi wellness centre not only treats the pain but the also, the roots causing the cartilages damage. Causes of joint pain can be the sedentary lifestyles, injuries, torn knee cartilage, bone tumor, fractures, sudden involuntary movements, etc.

Ayurveda treatment for Joints and knee pain

In Ayurveda terms, it is considered that Vata is the primary factor for maintaining equilibrium in the body. As years add to your life and you grow old, there is a progress in the Vata dosha too which results in gradual degeneration of the body. This is commonly seen in elderly people, called as Sandhigatavata. In Sandhis or joints, the activities of Vata increases. Since Vata is dry, it absorbs all the Synovial fluid inside the joints causing destructions of cartilages in the joints, thus resulting in pain.

Best diet and daily activities for Joint pains

  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Say no to cold and dry food
  • Eat food that are easy to digest and are warm
  • Try exercises such as swimming, yoga and walking
  • Refrain from holding natural urges such as urinating, burping, etc.
  • Use warm Sesame oil for joint massages