Is being grossly fat or too skinny taking away the confidence in you? Let us help you manage the fat you carry.

A person is called overweight when the body weight of that person is considered abnormal for one’s age or the body build. Underweight can be a condition known as anorexia nervosa which means a person suffers from near-starvation, psychological illness that can lead to serious health problems.

What are the risks, causes, and treatment for being overweight or underweight?

Overweight Underweight
Meaning A person is overweight when he weighs more than the normal for his height, age or sex. A person is underweight when he weight way too lesser than the normal for his height, age or sex.
Body Index range (BMI) A person is considered overweight when the BMI ranges from 25 to 29.9. A person is considered underweight when the BMI ranges below 18.5.
Risks High blood pressure, Depression, stress, Diabetes, sleep disorders, various cancers Osteoporosis, weak immune system, Anemia, fertility problems, heart and lung problems
Causes More intake of food than what the body needs, genetics, skipping meals Genetics, High metabolism, mental or physical illness, excessive physical activity
Treatments Exercise, Eat mindfully, eat homemade, sleep enough Avoid empty calories, eat regularly, include several healthy meals, add snacks

Eat the right food for the right body

  • Whole grains(Brown rice, steel cut oats)
  • Vegetables(Exclude potatoes)
  • Whole fruits and not fruit juices
  • Protein rich food like Fish and poultry
  • Nuts, beans and seeds
  • Include plant oils in the food
  • No sugar
  • No fast food
  • Eat slowly
  • Choose small portions